Kotlin Programming Language

By Dharmendra Kumar Yadav (Android Team)

Kotlin is new language officially announced by Google in 2017 for android development. Kotlin's syntax are not similar to java. It is a high level programming language which concise the code approximately 40% (compared to java). It provides interoperability, which means all our current Java & Android can work with Kotlin and also ensures code safety & clarity to the developers. Kotlin is targeting other programming languages such as java and java script. It supports lambda expression which reduces the no of lines of code but does not support static declaration.

Kotlin is known as null safety language that aims to eliminate NullPointerException. It is also known as statically typed language since typed checking occurs at compile time instead of run-time.

The future plan of the Kotlin is to develop multi-platform application i.e. we will be able to write platform specific code to create apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

For more detail, please visit https://kotlinlang.org

AWS Cloud Computing Services

By Jitendra Pal (Server & Networking Team)

AWS provides highly reliable, scalable and low-cost cloud-based computing services for the organization which cannot afford high end server. It is very cost effective, pay only for what you use and offers several benefits over a single corporate server.

Organization can scale up service as on demand, helping lower the operating costs, no need to invest a hefty amount in advance for services like web server, databases, storage, network, email solution etc. You can easily scale-up or scale-down any service as per your business need without interrupting your existing service. AWS is easy to access and can be managed anytime from any corner of the world with just an internet connection.

It uses secure network & latest computer hardware for all data centers with unlimited storage, updates software patches regularly which assures 24x7x365 service to recover the data anytime with its set of enough technologies.

For more detail, please visit https://aws.amazon.com

WebP Image Format

By Anubhav Pun (UI/UX Team)

WebP is a new image format developed by Google that is designed to reduce image size without losing its quality. Due to its comparatively small size WebP files downloaded browsed more quickly. It supports transparency also which is 3 times smaller than png image.

It has an extension of .webp like other file formats. A lossless and lossy WebP compression work by already seen image fragments to rebuild new pixels format in order to copy the same one. It uses predictive coding to encode the image format.

It is supported by latest browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera etc. and also by graphic editors like Photoshop, Gimp, ImageMagick etc. However, jpg and png images can also be converted into WebP format easily by using any WebP Conversion tool.

For more detail, please visit https://developers.google.com/speed/webp

Portal TV

By Gautam Prasad Kushwaha (Android Team)

Recently Facebook has launched Portal TV to shift its focus to hardware. Portal TV is nothing but an accessory to facilitate video chatting in TV using login credential. Apart from Video Chatting, one can access his/her WhatsApp account through end to end encryption to facilitate safe and secure environment. The device also comes with AI enabled Smart Camera which sense your presence and helps users to participate in video calling while moving inside the room.

The configuration is similar like other smart TVs. One needs to plugin the device into the HDMI port of the TV and login to his/her Facebook account to carry on video chat or other related activities.

For more detail, please visit https://portal.facebook.com/features

What is Machine Learning and how it works?

By Sonu (BDM Team)

Machine Learning is a concept which allows the hardware/machine to learn from past events and experience, and that too without being explicitly programmed. So instead of writing the code, what you do is you feed data to the generic algorithm, and the algorithm builds the logic based on the provided data.

Below article will help you to understand about machine learning.


Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that provides the ability to the system to learn itself from past experience using algorithm.

Here are some situations where machine learning concept is used in our day to day life:

When we do online shopping while searching any product then recommended and similar products related to our search criteria will show. These recommendations are consuming machine learning concept.

When you search something on google then you have noticed that related advertisements will come according to the searced keyword. This is also possible due to Machine learning.

Below are the examples in our day to day life where Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning is used:

Alexa, Health industry, Google Assistant, Siri, Google Map, Self - Driving Cars etc.

For more detail, please visit https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/machine-learning

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