Samsung/Tizen Application

Tizen OS is a leading operating system introduced and developed by Samsung Electronics for in-house devices such as Smart TVs, Smart mobile phones and smart watches. The core reason behind the popularity of Tizen OS is because of its impeccable matured features and functionalities. Tizen OS is userfriendly, scalable and flexible. Samsung Smart TVs are the primary devices that wholly use Tizen OS. Samsung leads the market of Smart TVs and has one of the biggest customer base of users.

So, if you are a media service provider, or you have an app for streaming video and you haven’t featured your service or app on Samsung platform yet, then you are losing out a great opportunity. But you don’t need to worry! As this is the point where we come into the picture, Fusion Technologies is the right destination for your Tizen apps.

Step in the world of Tizen OS, one of the most used platforms in Samsung TVs; Fusioni Technologies is a leading app development company for creating Tizen apps. Fusioni Technologies have a renowned name in the market for developing apps and services for smart TVs and other devices. The company has achieved a milestone of excellence in building Tizen apps for use. The development team is highly trained and are up-to-date with the knowledge as per the upcoming trends.

Develop your Tizen app with us to serve your customers with an easy to use and highly customizable app. The apps that we build are highly rich in features and allow your customers to enjoy features such as smooth surfing, easy content searching, hassle-free streaming, and much more just on their fingertips.

We provide regular maintenance and support whenever it is required. We have specific templates for Tizen OS, which helps to create your app easily. We understand the importance of your brand and for that, we provide the fully categorized, thriving and prospering platform for your brand to shine forth in the market.

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